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Effective Defense For Drug Possession Charges

Some states have legalized marijuana or relaxed their laws. But in South Carolina, narcotics possession or drug possession of any kind is still vigorously prosecuted. If you are accused of buying, possessing, sharing or selling drugs, it is very important to seek legal advice right away. The penalties for drug possession can include jail time, fines and probation, and a drug conviction on your record can cause serious problems in your life.

The Greenville law firm of Ryan Beasley Law provides experienced criminal defense representation for these very serious allegations. We have handled the full spectrum of drug crimes, defending clients in both state and federal courts in the Upstate region.

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Any Drug, Any Amount Is Serious

We have helped clients manage every drug possession scenario, including:

“Possession with intent” is often based strictly on the amount of drugs, essentially charging people as drug dealers with no other evidence. This charge carries higher penalties, giving the government more leverage in its pursuit of a conviction.

We Have A Track Record Of Positive Results In Drug Crime Defense

As defense lawyers, we have cultivated strong relationships with prosecutors, which can be a tremendous advantage in these situations. By intervening promptly, we have sometimes convinced the prosecutor to decline charges or file it as a lesser offense. We can defend you on the merits of the case. Was there a probable cause for the traffic stop? Were your Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure violated? Does the evidence tie the drugs to you or did the police simply charge everybody?

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Drug Charges

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