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An investigation for wire fraud may have you feeling on edge

Conducting any type of business can come under scrutiny from time to time. Employees may have complaints, or the Internal Revenue Service may feel the need to conduct an audit over financial matters. While these can be stressful and difficult to address, your situation can become more distressing if you are accused of criminal charges.

You may believe that you conduct your business affairs in accordance with the law, but for some reason, you have come under suspicion of law enforcement. Particularly, they suspect that you or your company has committed wire fraud. As a result, an investigation is underway looking into your activities.

When healthy competition turns to a "study drug" addiction

Some would say that a little competition is healthy. It forces people out of their comfort zones, and allows them to push themselves harder and grow in order to succeed. In the academic world of secondary education, it could ultimately help students reach their goals for the future.

That is, until that competition becomes unhealthy. More and more college students turn to "study drugs" to give them an edge. Supposedly, these drugs help students focus and stay awake so they can study longer and harder. Unfortunately, that rarely lasts.

What can increase the penalties of a DUI conviction?

You may think that driving home after having a couple drinks is no big deal. However, when you are facing DUI charges and the consequences and penalties that follow, you may have a different opinion. A simple first offense DUI conviction can leave you with long-lasting struggles in many areas of your life, but there are other factors that can quickly increase your troubles.

South Carolina laws, like many other states, allow for courts to enhance DUI sentences when certain factors exist. Because of this, that first-offense DUI has the potential to derail your life for the foreseeable future.

What should you know if charged with tax evasion?

If you are facing charges of tax evasion, you may be tempted to underestimate the serious nature of this type of criminal offense. White collar crimes, which are offenses that often involve financially motivated criminal activity, can result in penalties that can change the course of your life. It is in your interests to take these charges seriously and start fighting for your future.

Most white collar crimes, such as tax evasion, involve the theft of information or money. They can seem like victimless crimes since they lack an element of violence, but the government takes these cases very seriously. Failing to pay your taxes could land you behind bars, and it is in your interests to know what you're up against and how you can prepare an effective, thoughtful defense strategy.

Understanding the options of plea bargaining

If you are facing criminal charges, especially in federal court, you may have great concern about how your case will turn out. This may be particularly true if the prosecution seems to have significant evidence against you. In fact, the prosecution team may seem rather confident that they will get a conviction once the judge and jury hear the facts of the case.

Whether you are facing white collar crimes, drug charges or other felony offenses, you may understand that a conviction can mean serious, life-changing consequences. If you are facing multiple charges, it is possible you may be looking at decades behind bars. In situations like these, the prosecutor may approach you with a deal.

Binge drinking is a serious problem

Binge drinking is a pattern of drinking alcohol designed to get you drunk and your blood alcohol content above the legal limit. Binge drinking is a common, excessive and potentially deadly act in the United States.

The last study conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2015, found that those ages 18-24 and 25-34 binge drank the most at 25% and 27% respectively. The third-place winner may be an age group that surprises you; 20% of 35-44-year old’s reported binge drinking.

You do not feel impaired. Could you still face DUI charges?

No one wants to end up pulled over by a police officer after having a fun night out. Of course, officers have a job to do, and you could be the one who ends up in their line of sight for whatever initial reason. If an officer stops your vehicle and suspects that you are operating that vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you could face a serious predicament.

You may want to argue that you do not feel impaired or that you do not believe that the officer's suspicions are correct, but it may be in your best interests to exercise your right to remain silent. Though remaining respectful and answering necessary questions is wise, you may want to gain information on your situation before speaking too freely with an officer.

Reasonable defense options when fighting a DUI in South Carolina

Perhaps you were out with friends or headed home from a nice dinner when you noticed flashing lights behind you. When an officer pulls you over for suspected drunk driving, it can be frightening, but it can be especially overwhelming to find yourself facing DUI charges. Whether it is your first offense or you have other DUIs on your record, you understand how important it is to fight back. 

Many people underestimate the serious nature of a DUI offense -- you should not be one of them. It is in your interests to take your case seriously, mounting a defense that confronts the prosecution's case effectively. There are several different options for reasonable DUI defense strategies, and the right one for your case depends on the circumstances of your individual situation. 

How law enforcement agencies target drivers on I-85

The number of stories is almost staggering. Search for “drug charges I-85” online and you’ll get page after page of results from recent years. There are many stories and press releases about officers arresting individuals for drugs after traffic stops on Interstate 85. It’s not an accident.

As a story by the Greenville News makes clear, law enforcement officers make a concerted effort to monitor the busy highway as part of an effort known as Operation Rolling Thunder. And these agencies are going to great lengths to find a reason to look in an individual’s vehicle. As one deputy explained to the reporter, “Nearly everyone does something illegal if you follow them long enough.”

College students aren't always presumed innocent

College is often a young adult's first time out from under their parents' roof for an extended period of time. While moving into the dorms is a great learning experience, it can also be hard on both the students and their parents, as mistakes are made that may have long-ranging consequences. 

College students are expected to abide by the rules and their school's code of conduct. While the codes vary from school to school, generally speaking, facing criminal charges may be a cause for suspension or expulsion — often without due legal process for the student. Conduct that is not criminal or that would not be illegal off-campus can also result in harsh disciplinary measures. 

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