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Suspected Of Tax Evasion or Filing Fraudulent Returns?

Authorities at both the federal and state levels take allegations of tax fraud and tax evasion extremely seriously. With substantial resources to investigate and prosecute these charges, any taxpayer facing possible tax fraud charges needs to retain an experienced lawyer as quickly as possible.

For many years, people facing potentially life-changing criminal accusations have placed their faith in me, Ryan Beasley. As a Greenville tax fraud defense attorney, I have successfully defended people against all types of charges in state and federal courts across South Carolina. I recognize the gravity of a criminal investigation, indictment or charge, and am prepared to take every possible step within the law to secure the best available outcome.

I can challenge the government's case.
Early intervention is often the key to defending or mitigating tax fraud charges. Do not delay. Call me today at 864-991-3379 or 800-761-1985.

Taking On All Types Of Tax-Related Charges

Tax cases can involve any number of allegations, including:

  • Tax evasion
  • Filing false returns or failure to file a return
  • Tax preparer fraud

Whatever the charge, you can rely on me to examine all of the evidence and determine every available defense. I am a meticulous investigator, and am adept at sifting through large quantities of evidence to find the flaws in the government's case. Very often, the key to achieving positive outcomes in tax fraud and other white collar cases is through early intervention by a defense attorney. The sooner I can talk to the prosecutor or the police about your case, the sooner I can point out the weaknesses in the evidence. Because I have cultivated so many relationships with law enforcement and prosecutors, I can explain your case in a language these parties will understand.

Contact Ryan L. Beasley

Call 864-991-3379, toll free 800-761-1985 or complete my online contact form to schedule a consultation. I provide a tough IRS defense to people across South Carolina, in places like Spartanburg, Anderson and beyond.