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Are You Under Investigation In South Carolina For Securities Fraud?

In South Carolina, both the federal government and the state Attorney General investigate and prosecute allegations of securities fraud. These authorities investigate all types of possibly illegal acts, including:

  • Insider trading
  • Accounting fraud
  • Misrepresentation
  • Selling securities without a license

In some situations, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will examine possible civil violations, and then forward its investigation to the Department of Justice for a possible criminal investigation. Whatever your case involves, if you face possible criminal accusations, it is important to have a knowledgeable defense lawyer on your side at the earliest opportunity. I am Greenville securities fraud attorney Ryan L. Beasley. With more than a decade of focused criminal defense experience, I regularly defend people across South Carolina in all types of high-profile criminal investigations.

I am experienced in white collar crime defense.
A fraud indictment can be devastating to your career and your freedom. My objective is helping clients accused of fraud to return to their lives. Call 864-991-3379 or 800-761-1985.

Presenting Your Side Of The Story As Soon As Possible

In complex criminal investigations, such as securities fraud claims, it is important to be proactive in your defense. If you do not present your version of events to the government, someone else is likely to do it for you. In all cases, particularly federal cases involving grand jury investigations, I stress on the importance of getting out in front of these allegations. I will present your case to the prosecutor and/or law enforcement agents, presenting all the facts that support your defense. Even if charges have been filed, I am prepared to take decisive action on your behalf in pretrial motions and if necessary, trial. My commitment to getting results is matched only by my commitment to delivering high levels of client service. I will be with you each step of the way.

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