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Strong Defense Representation For Sex Offenses

Few things draw such visceral response and harsh penalties as sex crimes. A conviction may mean going to prison and being forever labeled as a sex offender. The mere allegation can ruin lives and reputations, resulting in the loss of jobs, friends and even family support.

I am criminal defense lawyer Ryan L. Beasley. I believe in the presumption of innocence and the constitutional rights of the accused, no matter what the allegations. I provide a true defense to individuals charged with sex crimes in the Greenville area and Upstate counties, including youths charged as juvenile sex offenders.

Take action to protect your rights. Call me immediately at 864-991-3379 or 800-761-1985 for a confidential consultation.

You Need An Experienced Sex Crime Defense Attorney

I practice in both state courts and federal courts in South Carolina. In 15 years of practice, I have defended clients in all categories of sex crimes:

  • Sexual assault and attempted rape
  • Criminal sexual conduct (offenses involving children)
  • Statutory rape
  • Spousal sexual battery
  • Child pornography
  • Online solicitation (seeking sex with a minor)
  • Prostitution crimes
  • Lewd behavior (exposure, peeping tom, etc.)
"Sexting" can lead to felony charges — such as sexual exploitation of a minor or distributing child pornography — if the subject or the recipient of such photos or videos is under the age of 18.

A Proactive Approach To Sex Offenses

I have good relations with people at all levels of the criminal justice system. Whenever possible, I try to speak with the prosecutor before an arrest or indictment. There may be opportunities for dismissal of the case or reduction of charges when I can present certain facts or your side of the story. I also work to avoid publicity that can be damaging to your reputation and your legal case.

At every stage of the legal process, I will assert your rights and defenses. I have successfully challenged search warrants, victim testimony, physical evidence and other facets of sex crimes — in hearings, plea negotiations and at trial — to avoid convictions or mitigate the punishment.

It is critical not to talk to the police until you talk to an attorney. Call me now at 864-991-3379 or 800-761-1985, or contact me online, and I will respond as soon as possible.