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My Job Is To Protect Your Son Or Daughter's Future

The juvenile justice system is designed to rehabilitate rather than to punish. Yet there are consequences for youths accused of crimes. Without proper legal representation, juveniles may be unjustly blamed or sentenced too harshly, teaching them all the wrong lessons, and ruining future educational or career opportunities.

My name is Ryan Beasley. I am a defense attorney in Greenville with years of juvenile court experience. I will make sure that your child is treated fairly, and afforded the second chance and support services he or she deserves. If your son or daughter is charged with a serious crime, I will do everything I can to avoid incarceration or the shackles of a criminal record.

We need to be proactive.
Call me right away for a confidential consultation if your child has been detained or charged, at 864-991-3379 or 800-761-1985.

Juvenile Defense In Greenville And Upstate

I practice in the juvenile courts of Greenville County, Pickens County, Anderson County, Spartanburg County and surrounding jurisdictions of South Carolina. As a juvenile defense attorney, I have represented youths accused of a wide range of offenses: shoplifting and theft, underage drinking and DUI, marijuana and other drugs, vandalism and burglary, assaults, sex offenses and more.

I work to get your child released to you at the earliest possibility rather than kept in juvenile detention. In the case of a major felony, I will fight attempts to have your child transferred to adult court.

Juvenile proceedings are different — no jury or public proceedings, no guilty verdict. The judge listens to testimony and determines an "adjudication." I have built relationships with the juvenile court prosecutors and judges in the Upstate area, which helps me advocate for the most favorable outcome. In many cases I can intervene to get unfounded charges dismissed, sparing youths a stressful and embarrassing ordeal. If the charges do go forward, I am an effective courtroom lawyer who will be there to assert your child's rights and tell their side of the story.

I Can Help Your Child Today

If your son or daughter is in legal trouble, call me immediately at 864-991-3379 or toll free at 800-761-1985, or use my online contact form to tell me about the situation.