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Do You Have Grounds To Appeal A Criminal Conviction Or Sentence?

In every criminal trial, the judge must make a number of decisions about the law and the evidence, and whether to admit certain evidence into the trial. While every judge strives to make decisions supported by the relevant statutory and case law, judges do make mistakes. These mistakes can have serious consequences for a defendant. Every defendant who has been found guilty at trial has the right to bring an appeal. When considering an appellate lawyer, it is of utmost importance to work with someone who has the skill and knowledge necessary to present the strongest possible appeal.

I have a good track record in criminal appeals.
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I am Greenville criminal appeals attorney Ryan L. Beasley. For more than a decade, I have represented people across South Carolina in all types of criminal matters. In my appellate practice, I prepare all types of appeals in both state and federal courts. I also prepare motions for post-conviction relief, as well as sentence reductions. Whatever your specific issue involves, you can rely on my ability to present the strongest possible appeal on your behalf.

Providing Clear Analysis And Strong Advocacy

Trial judges can make errors in admitting evidence that was acquired through unconstitutional means. These unconstitutional acts can include:

  • Stopping a vehicle without a reasonable suspicion
  • Illegally searching one's person, home or vehicle
  • Illegal seizures of property
  • Illegal wiretapping

The presence of any of these or other factors can compel an appellate court to give the defendant a new trial or other relief.

While some appeals and post-conviction motions may involve oral arguments before a judge or panel of judges, in most cases, the appeal will be made in written form. It is of vital importance that your brief contains persuasive analysis backed by the strongest legal arguments. I am a strong researcher and persuasive advocate, and will point out to the appellate court the various errors of law that prevented you from having a fair trial. My steadfast commitment to my clients, combined with my ability to analyze the legal and factual issues, make me a strong choice to take on your appeal.

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